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Culinary trip to the Amalfi coast

People who know and follow me know that I've been working on this beautiful trip for a while now.

A few years ago I saw this beautiful coast line for the first time in my life and fell in love immediately. I came from The Netherlands road tripping thought Italy to final destination: Amalfi coast.

I can assure you: the pictures on the internet don't lie, It's beautiful. Even more breathtaking when you are looking at it in real life.

Like also all people who know me know, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I met Carmine on my first trip. He showed me around in his beautiful hometown. He loves good food and t o cook (did I say I believe that everything happens for a reason😉).

After organizing an amazing trip with Liefde for Marokko. I wanted to the same with the Amalfi coast. So I reached out to Carmine if he would be interested to organize this trip with me. Luckily het said yes and we started working on this amazing trip that is nog finished and we made a brochure for you guys!

Download the brochure and let us know if you want to join.

English Filion's cooking Culinary trip to Amalfi-4
Download PDF • 23.07MB

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